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Popular songs: cross-networking opportunities?

In addition to my more "serious" compositions, choral, organ, orchestral (though these are mostly best suited to pops concerts), I have
written a few songs of a popular nature, a couple that might be called "country-western," and others diverse, written into Sibelius like
all my other works for easy demo.
These might become popular indeed, if I could place them with the right singers, bands, agents or whomever.  
If anyone has any serious contacts to Nashville, L.A., et. al., the information would be very useful.  Thanks!
on February 25, 2012 6:26am
Hello, James!

I suggest joining NSAI (Nashville Songwriters Association International).  They have workshops in Nashville during the year as well as opportunities to learn through regional chapters.  Their website features information, instructional videos of live broadcasts of speakers in the industry, and a song critiquing service (12 critiques with yearly membership).

The bar in Nashville is very high.  If you can make a trip, I’d recommend attending the Song Camp (July 20-22).  At this event, your song is evaluated, not the quality of the recording.  I would describe Spring Training as more advanced and there is more emphasis on evaluating the quality of the recording (e.g., Is it radio/movie ready?)  You also have the opportunity to play a piece for a publisher to critique.  Both events are good for networking.  However, at either event (and for the song critiques) you will need a recording of the piece being performed, not print music or a "virtual" recording from a Sibelius/Finale file.  But (as NSAI will tell you,) don't spend a lot of money recording a demo until it is "picture perfect"...because usually, changes need to be made. 
Hope that helps,
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