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'My Eternal King' (Marshall) organ registrations?

I am accompanying a choir on Nov 25th and the director has chosen the magnificently tremendous My Eternal King by Jane Marshall. I've never had the pleasure of playing this accompaniment before and I know it depends a lot on the room (terrible acoustics, covered with soft surfaces and a bad PA system), the choir (approximately 30 good voices who know the piece very well and are strong singers), and the organ (3 manual Allen [approximately 45 ranks] with Midi assist), but I was wondering if directors/organists here might suggest possible general registrations (I have music if you'd like to use measure numbers or just refer to sections). I've been listening to many recordings online and I think I have a fairly good idea, I just wanted to see what results I could get here. Thanks in advance!
on October 25, 2012 6:31pm
To answer the question... start with on the swell with 8' + 4' diasapons and possibly a celeste as well.  Rely on the swell box for dynamics, or possibly add a 2' or light mixture at the three larger chords near the middle of the introduction. 
Stick with the swell through the imitative section, adding a 2' if desired to match the ebb and flow of the choir.  You can use a krummhorn or a rich principal on the great for the little solo bit.  For your first interlude, move to the great (w/ swell coupled) using 8' + 4' principals.  Head back to the swell after the second choral a capella section.  The second imitative section is up to you.  I've played it on the great with some choirs, the swell/pos with others.  Definitely go back to the great before the forte section with principal chorus, and add mixtures as appropriate.  Possibly add small reeds on the word "sing."  Crescendo pedal as appropriate to the end.
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